Total Donations
Unique Donors: 12423
Donations: 18048
Love UT Give UT is still giving!
has been raised since March 30, 2017

Prizes & Rules


Love UT Give UT will be offering several incentives to inspire nonprofit, school and donor participation in the giving event.

Leaderboard criteria

  • Number of unique donors between March 1st and March 30th, 2017

Leaderboard categories

  • Discovery and Enlightenment
  • Nurturing our Families
  • Inspiring our Community
  • Caring for our Friends and Places

Prize structure based on total unique donors raised (same for each leaderboard category)

  • 1st place - $5,000
  • 2nd place - $2,500
  • 3rd place - $1,250


Participation: Any individual may donate. Donations made through to nonprofit organizations and registered public schools are 100% tax deductible and irrevocable. Donations will not be refunded. Contributions may only be made via credit or debit card. Checks and cash are considered off-line donations and can be counted toward the total amount raised on March 30, 2017. However, they will not count toward an organization’s unique donor and donation totals. The Community Foundation of Utah will provide a spreadsheet that organizations can use to track these offline donations so that they can be included in the total amount raised for the day.

Eligibility for donations and prizes: Utah-based 501(c)3 legally IRS registered nonprofit organizations and registered public schools are eligible to receive donations and prize grants. Please note that private non-operating foundations cannot receive donations on and are therefore not eligible to participate.

Leaderboard eligibility: Nonprofit organizations are included on their respective leaderboards based on providing proof of a current 501(c)(3) documentation and Utah State Charitable Solicitation Permit. Prizes are awarded based on the number of unique donors to their organization between March 1st and March 30th, 2017. A unique donor is defined as a person that has used their own credit card to make a donation and supplied their own personal email address with that donation. Unique donors who do not use their own credit card and email information, either by creating auto-generated emails or who are using emails of friends, family or students, goes against the spirit of the event. The Community Foundation will be auditing all of the donations of prize winners before winners are announced. Organizations that create false unique donors will be excluded from receiving prizes.

Matching Grants: Love UT Give UT encourages organizations to offer their own dollar-for-dollar matching funds on their Love UT Give UT pages. Learn More

Minimum donation: The minimum online donation on is $5.00. There is no maximum donation for Love UT Give UT. Please make your donations between March 1st-March 30th, 2017 to ensure your donation counts towards prizes on the big day of giving.